After-sales service commitment and program
For the creation of the brand, increase brand awareness and establish a corporate image, we have the spirit of "all the pursuit of high quality, customer satisfaction for the purpose of" the spirit of "the most preferential price, the most attentive service, the most reliable product quality" principle solemn promise to you.
1、product quality commitment
(1) quality records and inspection data are available for the manufacture and inspection of products.
(2) product delivery as much as possible according to user requirements.
(2) when the product is delivered, our company offers you the equipment self check list and the product qualification certificate
2、after-sales service commitment
(1) service tenet: quick, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough;
(2) service objective: service quality and customer satisfaction;
(3) specific commitments:
1.our equipment from the date of sale, the cause of the equipment itself quality, free warranty 12 months, life-long maintenance, concessions, timely provision of parts and accessories.
2. maintenance response: I can make the maintenance response within 2 hours to repair within two days; if special circumstances can not be repaired within two days, the warranty period of our unconditional replacement of new equipment or provide alternative equipment; maintenance period can provide alternative equipment or equipment can be taken to make the normal operation of the measures.
Safe and civilized construction guarantee measures
1.1 strictly abide by the "construction safety workers safety technical operation regulations" and "construction safety inspection standards".
1.2 before the construction by the foreman organization of all construction personnel safety education, firmly establish the "safety first", do "three" is not to hurt others, don't hurt yourself, don't hurt by others, and is responsible for the technical work, to the team record, the safety accident nipped in the bud, to prevent the occurrence of safety accident.
1.3 non lifting hoisting personnel shall not enter the area, and police rope isolated safety zone, hang warning signs.
1.4 lifting operations unified command, in the process of lifting hanging loose hook shall not fixed, workers shall not be absent without leave;
1.5 before lifting, the slings and tools should be checked strictly without any exception. The steel rope and the steel beam and the component must be covered with rubber or wood.
1.6 equipment should be monitored in the process of installation to ensure the safety of personnel, equipment and components.
1.7 before lifting the dashboard should carefully check whether the rope extrusion equipment, operating rod, lifting should be avoided as far as possible in this area, if unavoidable, should take measures to force separate decomposition, or change the hoisting method.
1.8 rope and equipment should be wooden or rubber pad, to prevent scratch the surface of equipment.
1.9 all the machines, rigging and slings that are installed shall not be in contact with the wires or welding wires.
Equipment quality control measures
The quality target of this equipment: qualified
1, strict implementation of the 1 company's existing construction, quality, materials, equipment, environmental protection measurement standardization management system, quality management system to improve the monitoring work, with good quality of work to ensure the project quality, realize the quality target.
1, 2 well before the construction work, the selection of construction methods and equipment division, construction process, clear the key process to ensure safety in production, and make records, the data synchronization technology and construction.
1, the 3 organization of the personnel to be familiar with and review the construction drawings and relevant technical data, familiar with the relevant norms and regulations and standard atlas, to understand the quality requirements, strictly abide by the norms, careful construction, careful installation.
1, the 4 team leader foreman and check on each procedure, found unqualified immediately for rectification, the rectification is completed after the re examination.
1, 5 project completed a sub item, check a sub item, and do a good job of quality evaluation work, data and project progress simultaneously, focusing on checking the quality of the project inspection.
1, 6, raw materials, equipment, fittings and so on should have material proof, certificate or test sheet, the completion rate of 100%, the important part of the use of materials should be recorded, you can verify.
1, 7 use of machinery, equipment, measuring instruments, regular inspection, check whether the performance requirements, more than the use period are not allowed to use.
1, 8 special operations personnel must be documented.
1, 9 strictly implement the existing national construction acceptance standards and the corresponding construction quality acceptance standards, and earnestly implement the company formulated the relevant provisions of quality assurance.
Time limit guarantee system and guarantee measures
Schedule guarantee system and measures:
Time limit guarantee measures:
(1) guarantee period plan;
Upon receipt of the bid notice, the project team will be promptly set up in place, and according to the site layout, building a good life, production of temporary facilities. Quickly organize all professional construction teams to enter as planned. Organize purchasing and processing of raw materials and outsourcing products. After the establishment of the project, the urgent need for materials and outsourcing product plan, to ensure the formation of production capacity after construction. The scientific and reasonable arrangements for the construction process and construction schedule, and in the implementation process according to the actual situation of the timely adjustment of the plan period; according to each stage of the project requirements, increase personnel, equipment investment, construction start working face; strengthen organization management and coordination; ensure the technology, people, material, machine, material supply; actively promote "four new technology and the establishment of competition mechanism.
(2) organization measures for ensuring the time limit for a project
In depth, extensive publicity and education, clear the objectives of the time limit.
Give full play to the advantages and ensure the construction production.
Strengthen and implement the management of network plan.
Scientific organizations, careful construction, and strengthen cooperation.
Do a good job of project fund management, ensure that funds earmarked.
The good foreign relations, to ensure the smooth construction.
Strengthen personnel, computer software and hardware settings, give full play