HG1050 Marking removal machine

Source: Xi'an WAGE Traffic Infrastructure Installation Co.,Ltd

Product introduction: 

Thermoplastic old wire cleaning machine is used to remove damaged, cracked, change color and other old lines of hot melt marking equipment. The use of the engine drives the grinding head to rotate at high speed, the grinding head rotating under the action of centrifugal force and pavement bulge in the old line clean, the machine adopts imported Honda gasoline engine, ultra durable hard alloy grinding head, ensure the quality of the equipment can be adjusted according to the pavement and marking, has good grinding performance the characteristics, speed, simple operation and easy maintenance etc.

Technical parameter:

1.Engine power:10.5HP gasoline engine ;

2.Range of grinding force adjustment:Stepless adjustment of strong, medium and weak; 

3.Rubber tire:Cast iron wheels are made of wear-resistant rubber, and the rear wheels are equipped with two wheels and single vertical shafts; 

4.Sanding head:Three independent rotating grinding head, grinding head are inlaid with imported wear-resistant carbide, width 180mm; 

5.Life of grinding head:20.000-30.000m;